May we present
„We are BBQUE“!
Michael Lubomirski & Oliver Wildner, founders of BBQUE.

Turning a hobby into a profession: an IT specialist and a banker do barbecuing

We are often asked - “how does one come up with a Bavarian barbecue sauce?“ and “what exactly makes your barbecue products Bavarian?“

It all started back in 2002 in a small town called Pöttmes in the district of Aichach-Friedberg, near Augsburg. Oliver, 22 years of age at the time, and his friends had discovered the American barbecue for themselves. Being an absolute enthusiast of sauces and ketchup, little by little he developed his own recipes for sauces and further refined them over the years. The most important thing to him was to create a sauce made only of natural ingredients and without artificial additives.

In 2009, he met Michael, 29 years of age at the time, who was working in investment banking. Both quickly realized that they shared their love for barbecuing. Inspired by Michael’s travels to the US and by Oliver’s Bavarian recipes, the perfect combination for the ultimate sauce was born. Since the sauce originated in Bavaria and contained mostly typical Bavarian ingredients, the name of the game was set: “Bavarian BBQUE sauce - The original”.

The first samples, still bottled personally by hand for family and friends, all of whom were totally delighted. Oliver and Michael knew immediately that they had created something that they wanted to share with the whole world.In 2011 they scraped together all their financial resources and kicked this idea of as a professional project. Due to a misunderstanding, the first production run produced 3000 bottles instead of the planned 300. With far too much for private sales, they started sending samples to the retail sector. Without any previous knowledge of this industry and without any contacts, they wandered through the German retail landscape. The efforts reaped rewards quite fast and the first 2500 bottles were sold to the first large retail chain.
In 2013, the two developed BBQUE even further and created further varieties of their sauce in a professional framework . In 2016an own range of spices followed as the next step. In the meantime, BBQUE is represented in several countries and several thousand markets. The two founders support barbecue teams from all over the world, take part both as judges and participants in barbecue competitions (e.g. KCBS) and live their
passion for barbecue.

The idea behind it all:

„Wir wollen, dass jeder sein Ding macht. Mische verschiedene Saucen und Gewürze. Kaufe gutes Fleisch und Gemüse. Probiere aus was dir schmeckt. Wir wollen dich dabei unterstützen und wenn du dann in glückliche Gesichter blickst, haben wir es geschafft.

BBQUE steht für all das, was wir persönlich am Grillen und Kochen schätzen – guter Geschmack, hochwertige Qualität und Freude am Miteinander!“
Oliver Wildner & Michael Lubomirski
founders of BBQUE

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